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  • What's In My Fridge?

    What's In My Fridge?

    A lot of times, I get asked what's in a Pilates instructors fridge. I sat down with one of my clients recently and let her ask me some questions for her blog on what was going on in my fridge and what I eat. Figuring out what to stock a fridge with is something that is definitely important, but also really fun! I wanted to share my answers to the interview questions.

    Q: I see a lot of fruit and veggies filling the drawers, what do you generally make with those?

    A: I'm obsessed with fruits and veggies! I always stock up on whatever is seasonal. The farmers market is one of my happy places. Fruit and veggies are so easy to snack on, and generally inexpensive to buy. I like eating as many whole foods as I can. Right now,  I've got asparagus on hand to toss in some olive oil, sea salt and pepper and throw in my grill pan. I've got some chicken to grill as well, and that makes an easy meal during the week. Apples are a common snack of mine at work to give me a boost of energy and fiber, and bananas are one of my favorite on-the-go breakfasts. Avocados are HANDS DOWN my favorite food- I mash them up and put them on top of toast, crack some pepper on top and BOOM-healthy snack. Generally I like to make soups, so the brocolli, potatos and onion will be going into my brocolli soup this week.

    Q: Sounds delicious! What are those Bio K things at the top?

    A: Those are probiotic shots. Right now, it's flu season, and I want to up my body's immune system and give my digestive system some help. The Bio K shots are the brand used my hospitals to get people strong and healthy, so I like to keep those around if I'm feeling weak or tired.

    Q: Is that champagne I see???

    A: You know it!!! I always have a nice bottle of champagne or white wine in my fridge. You never know when there might be a special occassion, or even just a Friday night, when you desserve to crack open a bottle and enjoy yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

    Q: I see almond milk and nonfat greek yogurt. I take it you are not lactose intolerant?

    A: Nope, I just prefer the taste of vanilla almond milk. I use it in my smoothies and it's delicious. I also love nonfat Greek yogurt. I either eat that plain, with blueberries, or in smoothies.

    Q: Coconut Water?

    A: Coconut water is so refreshing and tasty! I especially love the pineapple flavor. I drink water throughout the day, but sometimes when I want something else this hits the spot.

    Q: What's that bread in there?

    A: Whole Wheat sprouted Ezekial bread. I was told by a nutritionist that if you are going to eat any bread, it should be this one. It's made with freshly sprouted live grains and no flour. It's the best version of bread you could get. It makes great toast, but the downside is that it is so organic it doesn't have much of a shelf life. 

    Q: What's that container in the left hand corner?

    A: Cranberry tuna salad! This is one of my standby's from Whole Foods. I get it in the salad section and it is so easy for me to throw on a handful of spinach for an instant salad, or throw on a piece of toasted Ezekial. So good, so easy.

    Q: Eggs?

    A: Always! I grew up with chickens, so I am used to constantly eating fresh eggs. Although I don't wake up to crowing anymore (thank goodness), I do still love me some eggs. Scrambled egg whites are common place in my diet, and usually on the weekends I'll do fried eggs or throw as much as I can into my scrambles!