Best Maintenance Tips for Humidors

Now that you got your humidor, you need to be careful with its handling for it to last long. Either you fill your humidor with your 1 cigar or you plan to give some cigars out, how you maintain a humidor is important.

Because this tool is well set up and ready to offer you those cigars at any moment, it needs some maintenance at regular intervals. This keeps your favorite cigars in maximum freshness. Keep reading to uncover some maintenance tips.

How to Maintain Your Humidor

Below are five ways to maintain your humidor for cigar and keep them safe for a long time.

Do a weekly check-up on your hygrometer 

Your hygrometer is your best protection against fluctuating mugginess. Ensure that you check the reading of the hygrometer once a week. This ensures that it is keeping a general humidity of seventy percent. By observing this reading, you can easily decide how frequently your humidifier should be topped up or replaced.

Keep in a cool dark place 

Seventy degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal inner temperature of a humidor with Costco flooring. The external states of the climate where your humidor is kept will influence the inner dampness and temperature.

Your humidor should be kept out of the sun. Added sun intensity will change the temperature throughout the day. Furthermore, the level of humidity outside will influence the moistness of the humidor. Therefore, should you live in a damp area, ensure that you keep your humidor in the driest spot.

Make it half full

Assuming you ever need a reason to purchase more stogies, it’s still cool. Just make sure that your humidor is kept half-full. This permits the mugginess levels to be managed. It also implies that your possibility of having humidified or under-humidified cigars is well decreased. Stabilizing the humidity levels is quite one of the hardest parts of understanding desktop humidors. Staying there will be fun once you get to the sweet spot.

Use suitable means to humidify your humidor 

There are two commonly used ways of humidifying humidors. They are distilled water and propylene glycol.  Both humidifying agents have their ups and downs, depending on how frequently the humidor is opened. Each time the humidor is opened, it will influence the air’s relative moistness. If you open your humidor on a successive premise, it is better to utilize distilled water. This is because it won’t be difficult to replace and top off inside a humidifier. It also needs lower maintenance just as much as your American woodmark cabinet.

But if you don’t go into your humidor frequently, propylene glycol might be better for you. Propylene glycol doesn’t dissipate except if the air hits a specific dampness range. Therefore, when left undisturbed in a shut Humidor, the propylene glycol will endure longer. Propylene glycol likewise has an antifungal agent which will keep tufts from developing on your cigars

Maintain a rotation of cigars

Every month, you can rotate and turn each of your cigars in your reserve. This at the base ought to be moved to the top, and vice versa. By rotating and turning your cigars, every cigar is equally exposed to the humidity inside the humidor.

Keep in mind that cigars come from a tropical region. Therefore, a humidor is essentially cool for keeping the cigars in good shape before they are smoked.


Humidors come in different shapes and sizes. Keeping them in good condition is vital. Use the tips above to maintain your humidor.

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