Azek Decking Reviews 2021: Amazing Outdoors in Style!

Azek, the name that rings around all the household, was once just a start-up. Azek, in 2001 was targeting to create an innovation in household solutions.

They were looking forward to hitting the mark in the house improvement industry. You can become a part of it too by writing for us. They are widely known and accepted marketing giants who have provided us with a perfect and most wanted innovation.

This guide lets you explore all the Azek decking reviews and a generalized opinion about Azek decking products and their company.

History of Azek

Azek has lots of creative and innovative engineers who thrive on unique combinations and out-of-box solutions for their outdoor decking and other household products. Most of their works include using PVC composites and combinations of many plastic-wood-PVC components for more real-life applications.

Their rush towards innovations have led the company to fund different experiments, and this flexibility has allowed them to create many new solutions for already existing problems. These household solutions were so unique yet straightforward that the name Azek grew right in front of many eyes and ears.

This craving for innovation had also led this company to offer a broad range of products. Their products are not only famous for their innovation but also quality. Never did Azek compromise on quality for doing something new. Both qualities are their sole motivation.

They move forward to create something new, and that is high in quality and is durable! If you are looking for decking, you must have already heard about Azek decking from everyone you have asked about decking. Their reputation sure does precede them, and you should have a look at their broad menu of various decking products.

Azek Decking

Azek has primarily earned their name through their trims and exterior fittings. They have become one of the most known decking manufacturers. It is because they do not use just wood fittings that look good. Of course, it is wooden trims that we all crave, but looking at wood is merely enough.

Azek has tried different things and finally has succeeded in manufacturing trims and fittings that look like wood but are a combination of different compounds and especially PVC. These combinations work and are much smarter solutions than using direct wooden fittings. They provide various types of dockings; five distinct collections.

1. Vintage Collection

Azek Decking Vintage Collection

This collection offers different wood colors, and these colors and the patterns of decking automatically give a vintage look. This collection is a personal favorite for many people who choose to have an antique feel to their house. The streaks are in an appealing pattern, and the decking is more durable than any other similar wooden decking.

This collection offers six different colors. Namely, Coastline, English Walnut, Weatherhead Teak, Mahogany, Cypress, and Dark Hickory

2. Abor Collection

Azek Decking Abor Collection

The Arbor collection has a look of homely and earthly look to it. House owners who are not into the vintage collection but want something worldly and pleasant chooses this collection. Like the vintage collection, there are six colors and varieties you can choose among.

The styles are different, and the colors offered are different from the vintage collection. Morado, Acacia, Brazilian Walnut, Hazelwood, Mountain Redwood, and Silver Oak. You can also get a bathtub fitted on the deck to have fun at home.

3. Harvest

Azek Decking Harvest

It is the most popular collection after the Vintage collection. It is famous because of its durable and appealing deckings. Soft colors and strong deckings help to make it long-lasting and warm-looking. These colors and smooth texture spread out welcoming looks, and that is precisely why your outdoors need them!

Like other collections, Harvest has different colors too, but not six, just five of them. They are Brownstone, Kona, Autumn Chestnut, Slate Gray, and Island Oak.

4. Timbertech

Azek Decking Timbertech

Azek also offers Timbertech decking, which is a mix of wooden and plastic fibers. This combination makes the decking durable and more robust to all the weather conditions.

The colors offered in Timbertech line decking, just like most collections, are six in variety. The colors are also the same as the above collections

5. Capped Polymer

Azek Decking Capped Polymer

Azek is famous for its capped polymer deckings. Among many Azek decking reviews, most of the positive ones are about these capped polymer deckings. They look like wood, feel like wood, and are more robust, firm, and more stringent than any wood.

Each of these collections is fit to specific homes, and a few houses are flexible to use any collection for their outdoors. They look modern, regardless of the design they have. Even the vintage collection has a feel of antiqueness, but still, they do look modern.

Overview of Colours

Azek offers six or five colors for every collection of styles they offer. They have beautifully named the colors they offer, comparing them to the woods of those colors. But mostly, these colors are shades or tones of Red, Grey, and Brown. It is such because the wooden colors range between these RGBs.

The Red

The reds offered are best suited for American homes. Arbor collection offers more reds and browns that suit American households. These reds give out a warm and welcoming look that is usually seen everywhere in most of America.

The Grey

The greys are in every collection of Azek, the silver oak, island oak, coastline, and many more shades and greystones. Greys give a modern and uber futuristic look to the decks. They throw out futuristic vibes that are classy and give the right lawn furniture, elevating to a cinematic look.

The Brown

The browns are most popular among people who have given Azek decking reviews on the web. The browns are an obvious choice for an earthly and more wood-like look. They also throw out fresh and relaxing vibes. Browns are also available in different shades and tones in all the collections offered by Azek.


Not just for styling, but Azek is also famous for its uncompromised quality of products. Its freedom to experiment and desire for innovation has brought out various new combinations, and through these combinations came built-in features.

All these features boost the products; make them look fresh and durable for a very long period. Through its distinct combinations, Azek made it possible to have characteristics of many compounds into one compound by fusing them all!

Environmental Resistance

When the Azek decking reviews say that their products are durable, they understate the quality of its durability. Because these decks consist of wood, plastic fibers, and PVC composites, imagine all three of these materials’ sustainability.

Regardless of the weather, they stand still in one piece. Snow, rain, and storm, nothing can pull these decks off. Applying layers of a coating such as teak oil or varnish can prolong the durability and add more strength to your decking.

Mold and Moisture!

As the decking uses PVC composites, molding cannot happen. Even after rain or a lot of water residue, mold cannot form on the surfaces of these decking of powerful combinations. Even moisture cannot stick to the surfaces and cleanly look after a foggy day.

Physical Damage

Again because of the combinations used, it is tough for any physical damage to happen. It is near too impossible for the decking to have any scratches. Azek decking reviews on the web also suggest this as one of the biggest pros.

It is not impossible, but not too possible as well. The beautiful thing about these deckings’ damage-resistant features is that they even prevent the surface from stains! So, accidental damage and slipping some stains are out of worry!

Heat Resilience

These decks offer more resistance to heat than other competitors, that is for sure! Heat is always a culprit that fades the colors away, makes any material week, and damages them gradually after prolonged exposure.

But experimentations of Azek has allowed them to create products that are more resilient towards heat than natural wooden or PVC alternatives.

Azek Decking Standard

Azek Decking Review

Azek has made a point by its unique combinations and durable solutions. They have created a standard for themselves that can never be touched or hard to reach, at least for other competitors.

They have seen a rise in the market because of their new ideas and combinations. They have understood that their combinations have provided them with unique built-in features and robust products. Since then, they have not stopped experimenting and have created many new materials themselves.


The Timbertech we discussed in the collections offered by Azek is a compound material created by themselves. It is a combination of PVC composites with wooden and plastic fibers all roughed together to form a Timber-like material.

This innovation is a technological advantage because it possesses all the positive qualities of the original material used in combination. Few unfavorable conditions or disadvantages are covered when they fuse with another material.

Alloy Armourtech

Azek decking reviews do not end without talking about this technology provided by the Azek. AAT is supposedly the next generation solution for capping materials. This technology makes capping materials robust, durable, and superior to UV protection, weather shield, and scratch/ stain resistance.


Azek is a group of innovative manufacturers, making sure there are no defects in the manufacturing process. Their products are unique innovations of a lot of thought and practicality.

To make sure they work, they must make sure that the products are not defective. It is a prevalent measure they assure for their products. Hence, less or no defects and more customer pleasure. This assurance is why they kept on improving and maintaining quality.

The Cons

The major con Azek has been receiving for ages, and a prevalent problem of their products is fading. Many genuine Azek decking reviews suggest that the color of decking fades faster than other wood deckings.

They had to contact the company about this problem. The company offers a service that applies a coating to these decks that brings the color back. But the only problem again is that this coating is not a permanent solution too. After a while, this coating starts fading also.

Fading is normal for any decking, but there is no specific period to predict the fading. Few people have noticed the fading in just a couple of months, and many had no fading problems for years.

This difference in fading time suggests that it depends upon various factors. Fading usually happens because of climate and maintenance. Excessive rubbing and vigorous cleaning can fade the color away too soon. If you are residing in a very humid and hot environment, fading occurs quicker than usual.

Usually, fading should not be a problem for a couple of years. But if your decking is fading sooner than the guaranteed time, you need to check on your cleaning habits. If the problem is recurring, you need to check with your dealer because it must be a defective product. Many guides are available online for you to read and follow while cleaning and maintaining your deckings.

The Biggest Pro!

There are no pros because all the things about Azek have all been more advantageous for their products. One single thing that the Azek decking reviews leave out to mention is the period of warranty. Azek offers a lifetime warranty for their products. You can fold your legs and relax; stop worrying about the expiring warranty because it does not expire.

Final words

Azek decking is a leading alternative decking manufacturer and a darling when it comes to service. But not everyone is a fan of materials that are not wood. No matter how innovative and advanced these combinations are, people might still prefer genuine and pure hardwood decking. Hardwood has a look that no alternative can replace. Azek has tried to replace yet give the feel of authentic wood, but that still leaves out many wood fans!

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