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Sights And Sounds Of Jerusalem

I used to be interested so many things and over time some of those things have dried up. So I have decided I am going to get back into some of those things.

I used to love to dance. So I am going to go back to Swing Dance and Salsa. Ok so I am investigating different places to go and dance salsa. I have already found a cute place to dance Swing and I have stopped going of late so I am going to go back.

Ok so maybe its time to pick up Salsa again.

There is a place called Yellow Submarine. Its in the Talpiyot area of Jerusalem on Wednesdays. I think I may try this one. Although actually this info was updated in 2001. I am wondering if there is more info other than this.

Ok here is some more info; Merkaz Hamagshimim. This is on Tuesdays at 8pm. The Mirage Club on Thursdays, the party is at 22.30pm on King George.

Hmm, What about Belly Dancing! There us a place called The Swan on Tuesdays at 7.15pm and that costs 50 shekels in the German Colony.

A place called Curves which is also Women Only in Talpiot. Also the YMCA is Women Only too. This is at Sundays at 9pm and Mondays at 11.45am. The YMCA is located on King David Street.

The YMCA has a pretty cool gym too.

Id let to get back into the gym and to classes. I used to be such an exercise junkie. I once used to work out 3 hours a day 6 days a week. It was total heaven in terms of the way I felt.

Apart from wanting to go back to the gym, dance salsa again, go to belly dance and swing dance. Id also really like to improve my bike so I can bike further. It just needs a bit of sprucing up so I may do that. I
actually wanted an electric bike but they are pretty costly. So I may have to save up for that.

Id also like to start doing yoga again and meditation too. I used to do that also. I recently got gifted a ninja bullet so I can make smoothies.
I used to be so health conscious and Id like to go back to being so. I used to feel so good and have so much energy. Its time I think!

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Having That Michael Corleone Hair

Remember that awesome scene in The Godfather, where Michael and the friend are standing in front of the hospital when a car rolls by, and they both pretend to have a gun in their pocket? Yeah, this post has nothing to do with that. Nevertheless, it is an awesome scene.

Having a good hair care routine is not only recommended, it is damn near necessary for your hair and scalp to develop properly. The body produces and secretes certain amounts of sebum (natural body oil), and in the area of the scalp this can get tricky. The thing which regular shampoos and conditioner do is replace the body’s natural process with their own formula. Is this a good thing? Depends who you ask, really.

I found that it was not good for me. I found that after a few days of not using my go-to products, I began to feel a shift. I went through a few days of discomfort, and then I found what I wanted to find: my own balance. My unique way of taking care of my hair. I didn’t go back to using my regular products. I started using only products which support the body’s natural process, rather than ones which seek to replace it with their own formula. I went kind of “no poo”, and decided that it really does suit my style better.

My hair began to react a lot better once I decided to let it do its thing. I only wash my hair once every week or two. And once every month and a half I use baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. It is one of the best ways to clean the scalp and make sure that no unwanted elements stay on board.

Strip clean, and use natural products. I’ve been doing this for a while. It may not work for everyone. No, wait. It will definitely not work for everyone, and that is okay. The whole point of going natural, is that you find your own formula, your own combinations of products which work best for you. It is with this kind of process that your body can thrive. And as much as it is true to hair and scalp, it is also true to other areas of your body. Tea tree oil shampoo.

There is a lot to be said in favor of modern medicine and cosmetics, but it seems that in our haste to have everything Bigger! Better! Faster! Now! – we kind of forgot to look after ourselves, and not just at our looks. What can be done? Well, you could try using less commercial products, and more DIY products. I know, it sounds like a hassle and a pain in the ass. But consider this: when you know which compounds and elements affect you in the best possible way; when you know which seasons affect you in which ways; when you know what your body does, and when you compliment it with a natural product – as opposed to a commercial one – the long-term results you get are far better than anything you could buy. This is not true to the short-term. In the short-term, you may very well find that it is the over-the-counter, supermarket-aisle products which can yield the best results. This still doesn’t make them better, mind you.

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What The Heck Is Oil Pulling

Oil pulling. If you’re surrounded by people who are involved in the newest health trends, you’ve probably heard this terms. Although it kind of sounds like something that the U.S. government would be doing after they invaded afghanistan, it stems from much further east (obviously). It apparently started in India a really long time ago, and they still do it there today.


So essentially what it’s about, is swishing a natural vegetable oil around in your mouth and after that, continuing to swish.. And keep on swishing. It may seem kind of gross, but it has a slew of benefits like maintaining your oral health, keeping gingivitis at bay, whitening teeth, and making your breath more fresh. But why and how might you ask, assumably shaking your head. Well, the enzymes from the fat of the oil get all up in your mouth and pull the bacteria out of there like a character in GTA pulling an old lady out of her car. After the bacteria’s been pulled out of your mouth, gums and throat, the idea is that you’re gonna wanna spit that out in the garbage. I know that you’re probably used to spitting toothpaste down the drain, but this oil might clog up your plumbing pipes as it does with your body’s pipes.


So to recap, take some oil, preferably coconut or sesame oil because who knows, they’ve probably also been using those in india for millions of years. I personally use coconut oil, because it’s already known for its antibacterial properties. So, swish that around your mouth for like ten minutes, and spit that bacteria out. You might be questioning this saying “what about the rest of my body?” Well, apparently, a big percentage of bacteria in your system hangs out in your mouth, entering your body that way. Furthermore, your body goes through enormous stress trying to clear out last weeks cheetos and its bacteria out of your mouth. After you’ve oil pulled, you’ve reduced all that stress. Now your body can focus on other parts of it that need bacteria clearing.

Now once you spit out the oil, you’re gonna wanna give your teeth a quick brush to clean out the residual oil and whatever else that you’ve pulled. And that’s it, it’s as simple as that.


I’ve only spoken about oral hygiene benefits of oil pulling, but that’s not the only thing that has people running around swishing and looking like mimes trying to communicate with people. It can also help with relieving all sorts of pains. Think migraines and hangovers. It even improves your sleep quality and helps with acne. Fascinating isn’t it?


Now I don’t think this is the secret to immortality that the pharmaceutical companies have been hiding from you despite what the buzzfeed article might tell you. It is however much more than a new fad or trend as lot’s of doctors have endorsed it. The science also makes sense if you look further into it.  And let’s face it , everyone wants whiter teeth and better breath. So come on, get some oil and join in on the swishing.

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Knowing When To Fight

If you don’t practice, you may choke. Sure, this may happen anyway, but there is a higher possibility of you neutralizing a threat and coming out alive, if you practice.

I have seen people who were practicing for years choke when it came to cock the weapon and fire the thing. I have seen those who never got to draw. They went all “fight or flight”, and they couldn’t make a decision. In a gunfight, things happen in milliseconds. This may not be true if you are at a long range shootout, but at close proximity it is your training more than anything which keeps you alive.

It makes no difference if you are military, law enforcement, or civilian. Your chances of survival plummet if you are not properly trained. At close range, we are all equal, and it is our training and our instincts which guide us through the mess. You never know what shape you will be in, what situation you will find yourself managing, and what the surroundings will be. Day or night, cloudy, cold, raining?

If you make it a habit to practice, you increase your chances of handling the situation properly. If you don’t practice firing your gun; if you don’t develop a close relationship with your weapon of choice – and I don’t mean Full Metal Jacket, call it a girl’s name kind of close, I mean good knowledge of the weapon and its mode of operation – then you are at a disadvantage.

In close quarter situations, your gun is all you have. You usually have no barrier or cover. You need to make a decision, and fast. Once you make the decision to draw, you need to be ready to fire immediately. At least if you are a civilian. Cops warn people, civilians fire.

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Guns Are Cool!

In Aerosmith’s classic hit “Janie’s Got a Gun”, Steven Tyler sings about a girl who was abused and is now out for revenge. She has a gun, and everybody is on the run. And they should be. As Shakespeare said: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

Gun violence is one of the most debated issues in this country. It is used as a crutch by many anti-gun activists to attempt to ban the use of guns and weapons. Now, this is obviously not in agreement with the second amendment of the U.S. constitution, and because of that the discussion is very heated.

I mean, we are talking about an amendment. The constitution, and specifically the bill of rights, was/were given for a reason. If you decide that these rights can simply be taken away because some legislator said so, they were never really rights. And THAT, in turn, means that the whole constitution and its accompanying bill of rights could be thrown in the trash. Why? Because at a whim, some judge can decide that certain aspects of it are no longer right.

Now, to be clear, I am all for abolishing weapons. I don’t believe in it as a way of life. I love guns, I do. But if given a choice, I would ban them. They are deadly weapons in the hands of the wrong individuals, and too many times, they are in the hands of some of the worst people around. This needs to stop.

Some wisely say that education is the issue. Yes, that may be true, but putting an educational prerequisite on gun ownership will stir even more controversy and second amendment talk. It is unavoidable. Seriously. is the only place you need to go for all information regarding gun reviews to prepare you for that new gun purchase.

I do believe that people need to be educated about the harmful effects of weapons. These are dealy pieces of hardware. Holywood, etc., have been glorying the use of wepaons for years. The shotgun is a classic symbol of Americana, and there is no taking the hunter out of America’s civilians. It seems there is no way in which everyone will be happy, but we must consider the facts. Gun violence is somewhat out of control. Especially compared to other countries with gun supporting laws.

In certain countries in Europe, guns are readily available for most of the population, yet the numbers for gun-related crime are not nearly as high as other locations. This has to do with education. You teach your kids to respect and fear the gun. Fear the rifle. Be sure to follow the rules, or someone will die. It is that serious and that dangerous.

Being able to handle a gun is something which comes with age. If you have a father or mother who are into guns, there is a good chance that you will get a proper education on them, and from a reliable source. Don’t let holywood fool you. Guns are great, and they are very useful in a right spot, but used wrongly and improperly, and they can kill. Please use caution.

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Modern Advances In Medicine And Science

If you’re tired of using medicine that makes you more ill as you use it – then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thanks to the countless recent advances that modern science has made during recent years – and specifically in relation to the health and medical industry, the nature of our system of medicine and healing practices that we allow to govern our lives has largely done the opposite of what it promises to do or perhaps even set out to do. While it is true that we are a lot better off these days then we were in the past, when medicine was basically a mixture of religion, faith, some perverse form of folklore and magic and a whole lot of hope, modern times have shaped a form of medicine that is designed to be quick, effective and affordable (in some cases). In fact, it is even true that man is the healthiest he has been since the dawn of history – average life expectancy is higher than it ever was and you stand far less chance on average of dying from your disease than you did in previous years.

However, the downside to this (there’s always a downside) is that we’ve completely overlooked the basic principles or fundamentals of holistic healing practices and instead chosen the precision based methodology of modern medicine. It is true that modern medicine has a lot more to offer in terms of healing you and treating your illnesses or disease than ancient healing practices performed by people who didn’t have access to any of the technology or understanding that we have today – but is that necessarily a bad thing? While it is true that many of the holistic practices still used by the Ayurvedic healing codes of India may have been formed during a time when people didn’t know about (or at least have a means of proving) the existence of germs, or even that the Earth was round and not flat, it does not necessarily mean that their beliefs in terms of healing were completely devoid of any truths in themselves. Maple Holistics is the best place to go for great articles, products and reviews.

The ancient practices of the Ayurvedic Codes basically explain that healing is a process not only of treating pain, fever or symptoms – but rather taking a step back from any particular case and trying to get an understanding of the bigger picture – whatever that might be, and diagnose the cause of the illness from there. I’m not saying that modern medicine fails to do this completely – but quite often a doctor will prescribe you one method or form of treatment only to find that in future, the treatment has a variety of side-effects that can ultimately lead to bad health for you. This constant back and forth method of treating one issue – only to start another (or a few others for that matter) is really the main problem with modern medicine. Taking a slower, more holistic approach to health-related issues or even emotional ones for that matter, is a much safer, healthier and all-round cost-effective means of staying well.  Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by Maple Holistics on Amazon

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The Glock 19 Gen 4 Is The Greatest Weapon Ever

I could kill someone with my eyes so to speak but for every other type of killing I will use a gun. I don’t intend on killing anyone but if my life was threatened you best bet that I would do my best to id myself of the pest. Firearms and pistols have been a part of my life ever since I learnt how to talk. When you grow up in the family I grew up in you know how to field strip a rifle by 10. I shot my first pistol at 14 and that was old for some of my friends. I grew up in rural Montana and it allowed me the freedom to explore nature and have a good time with guns. I learnt important ideas and lessons about guns during that period. Gun safety was always top priority. If you can’t be responsible with the firearm you shouldn’t own it or handle it. They are fun but are not toys.

Personally I am a fan of smaller handguns. My favorite is by far the Glock 19 gen 4 ( This gun to me is the end-all- be-all of handgun design and it isn’t just me who thinks that way. You can go on hundreds of gun forums where the glory that is the Glock 19 is praised and expressed like a dog’s anal gland. And much like a dog’s anal gland some of the opinions stink. Everyone has a right to their wrong opinion I suppose.

I could be crazy. The Glock 19 was not a new idea for me. My dad had a Glock 17 and 19 and I had shot them as a child. But this was the first time I shot one as an adult and I was taken back by its finesse. It was awe-inspiring to shoot such a magnificent piece of machinery. Glock isn’t on the top of the gun market for no reason. They can really make a gun and they have thought of everything when it came to the Glock 19. The gun itself is in its 4 th iteration and has features only found on this model. I think my dads’ was the 2 nd generation which are still workable but not as stocked as the Glock 19 Gen 4.

The best thing about Glock is the ability to make their guns your own. This means you can customize everything from the grip color and material to the entire frame. You can make it look like your favorite movie guns and you can also change the magazines to suit your needs. My needs were simple I just wanted a Glock 19 I could carry everywhere with me. Sometimes I would put it in a holster on my belt while other times I would put it in my bag and go anywhere. I have a card that identifies my membership and legal ability to carry the gun. You may be a rebel at heart but you should play by the rules if you want to play the game.

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Purple Shampoo

I wasn’t aware that there was an easier way of getting those yellow streaks out of my hair. But there is.

A relatively short while after my recent blonde dye job, I began seeing some colors that were too yellow. I love the blondness, but too yellow is not attractive on me and my complexion. I wanted to get rid of it, and that is when a friend of a friend (a guy, actually) said: why don’t you just try purple shampoo?

– what?

Purple shampoo, he said, can help you get rid of colors that are too yellow, without having to dye again, and without having to go back to the salon, or to wait it out. If you want to get your dye job back to its more natural color, using purple shampoo ( can help. That is what he said, and because he saw the look on my face, he went on to explain.

He told me that purple colors works like a color softener on very yellow tones, because purple and yellow are on different sides of the color wheel. Using the darker one on the lighter one will cause the lighter one to soften its color. So, long story short, I got some and I tried it out.

I’ll spare you the process. Hint: the shampoo is runny!! The results are in – it works. You need to know how to use it, and you may need to try a couple of brands. I did. I tried one which dried out my hair, but then another which was just right. Or so it has been for the past month.

Purple shampoo is not one of the tools for daily use. It is advised to use it only when you see brassy tones, or once every couple of weeks as a preventive measure, so you don’t develop brassy tones in your hair. All things considered, it is great value. Saves you money on dye or a salon visit. Saves your hair from being abused too often with harsh chemicals. And you only need to buy it every now and then, becuase you only use it sporadically.

You can even make your own kind of purple shampoo, but you need to use high quality dye in your mix. The basic recipe is pure castille soap, essential oils of your choice, and purple dye. There is a lot to consider, though, before you start making your own hair care products. You have to do it right, or else you can damage your hair and scalp. Get your facts, know what kind of hair you have, and what works best. Again, trial and error are the best teachers. Don’t use anything too harsh. Tea tree and peppermint oils, for instance, are great, but not in excess. Other ingredients like baking soda and apple cider vinegar are also used by some people. If you are interested in this kind of hair care product making, check out the ‘no poo’ movement.

Blonde, brunette, redhead – just be kind to your hair!

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