Adding Some Magic to a Small Outdoor Space

If you picture your dream garden, you might imagine a sprawling lawn, a large water feature, plenty of furniture, and a big outdoor dining area. For many of us, the reality of our outdoor space is often quite different. Small urban houses are often squashed together as much as possible, making more room for homes, but leaving far less for those lovely large gardens that we’d love. Don’t worry though, even if your outdoor space is much smaller than you’d like, there’s plenty that you can do to make it magical.

Choose Benches

To enjoy our gardens, we need somewhere to sit. If you don’t have the space for large dining tables, or big comfy seats, make the most of benches instead. These options from VidaXL are great and can be used as a surface for planters if you prefer to use them as occasional seating.


When you have a smaller space, you can’t have everything. Instead, you need to think about what you really want from your garden. Do you want sun loungers or a dining area? Do you want to grow fruit and vegetables? Give space to the things that mean the most to you and sacrifice the elements that you aren’t as bothered about, or that won’t bring you joy.

Add Color

Color is a great way to add magic to any garden, no matter how big. Colorful flowers and shrubs always look great and bring a little joy to a garden. You can also add colorful furniture, and paint your walls, shed and fences in brighter, lighter colors to make the space feel bigger. Colorful planters and outdoor soft furnishings are other ways to bring color into a small space.

Use the Height

If you are short on floor space, you might be reluctant to add too many plants, especially if you want to add seating and other elements. So, use the height instead. Keeping fences low can help you to make the most of any views you might have, and help your garden to feel larger, but you can still use the height of your house. Add hanging baskets and window boxes to bring more color into your small space.

Consider Aroma

Bringing in plants is a great way to add color, but in a small space, anything with a strong aroma can be overpowering. Think carefully about what things smell like and not just how they look.

Add Lights

If you want to add magic to any space, indoors or out, one of the easiest ways to do it is with the addition of colored lights. Adding fairy lights and colored solar lights adds magic and beauty to your space and gives you a way to enjoy it after dark.

Use Planters

If you only have a patio, or most of your garden is taken up by a deck, you might worry that you can’t plant. But, using planters gives you the option to grow flowers as well as produce, and a way to move them around easily as they grow or their needs change. Planters are the perfect solution for small spaces.

Adding some magic to a small garden can help you to enjoy your outdoor space, and see its potential, instead of seeing its size as a drawback.

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