A school for meat lovers

At Cannon & Cannon, we work with some incredible producers and we are lucky to see and taste their brilliant produce every day. We want more people to experience this: we want people to get more exposure to British cured meats; and we want people to understand where the products come from and how they are made.

The idea behind Meat School is to promote the British cured meat industry, to feed curiosity, and to further people’s interest in and improve people’s knowledge of meat more generally.

Our half day courses will teach butchery and curing skills – always starting with the principle that ethically raised meats create the best food products.

Our short tasting sessions and meat matching evenings will explain which cuts of meat go in to what products. They’ll be educational, entertaining, and above all, meaty.

There is a selection of half-day courses already online, but this will be constantly updated. Look out, in particular, for shorter tasting events, which will be priced between £25-£50 a session. Bacon and DIY home curing classes will be added shortly, along with courses for professionals and one-off guest tutors.

Attend Meat School, and we promise you’ll never look at supermarket salami or a packet of air dried ham in the same way again.