8 Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make Home Maintenance Easy

It’s nearing that time of the year again where we take out those cleaning implements, and get our hands grimey with all that dusting and washing of spring cleaning! Spring cleaning gets your home deep cleaned, and is typically done once a year – though the more often you deep clean your home, the better!

Home cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite chore, but it is essential to keep allergens out of your home, and your furniture and fixtures spotless. To help you get your home spic and span during spring cleaning, here are 8 of our best hacks to ease your cleaning stess!

Hire professional cleaning services

Professional home cleaning services from Luce will get your home spotless without the hassle! Professional cleaners are experienced in knowing how to fully clean your home, dust the fixtures, and wipe off all that grime and dirt that accumulated over the months in hard to reach areas. While hiring professionals may seem like a great expense, your home will be pristine!

Also, professional cleaning companies like Image One cleaning services offer the most hassle-free spring cleaning that works well for your busy schedule. Choose from a wide range of cleaning services offered by the company, and find a one-time cleaning, or a scheduled cleaning service that can help you with the chores you need to do around the house.

Spring cleaning has never been easier! With cleaning companies, you can rest assured that every inch of your home is fully deep-cleaned, ready for you to sit comfortably in your squeaky-clean home!

Split your cleaning schedule into different days

If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, best to split your cleaning schedule into different days so as to not overwhelm you. Categorize the cleaning tasks into different rooms, and start with the hard to clean areas first: like the attic, the basement, and then smaller areas like kitchen cabinets and wardrobes

Group together the easier chores to keep your schedule light, yet get a lot done in less time. Continue on with your daily chores like sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, as well as your spring cleaning tasks like dusting the furniture, washing the windows, and giving the curtains a good wash in the laundry machine.

Optimize your cleaning time

Your cleaning schedule can be optimized even further. Start with those tasks where you need to let cleaning solutions sit for a period of time, such as cleaning tile grout, washing carpets, and more. While these are soaking or drying, you can go ahead with other cleaning chores to use up your time well.

Make your own DIY cleaning solutions

Making your own cleaning solutions can be both fun and cost-effective! Creating your own cleaning solutions also offers the safest alternative to chemical products that you buy on store shelves – not to mention much safer for your kids and pets if they are members of your household!

Popular and effective DIY solutions include vinegar and baking soda spray, lemon and salt scrubbers, and baking soda paste for your pots and pans. By making your own cleaning solutions, you can be assured of the safety of your cleaning implements, especially around food and kitchen areas.

If you are using carpet tiles there are cleaning solutions you can buy ready-made  from https://www.carpettilewholesale.co.uk/choosing-the-right-tile

Keep pet hair out of your furniture

Pet hair getting everywhere?Keep pet hair out of your furniture with this simple hack: Take a thick rubber glove, and some hot glue sticks. Use the hot glue gun to dot glue onto the rubber glove, and let the dots of glue solidify. Use the glove to easily remove pet hair from your sofa, screens, and bed also a Deebot Pet Vacuum Cleaner will keep your floors free of pet hair.

Use the same glove to remove the loose fur from your beloved pet even before they fly around the house! Go over your pet’s fur with the glove, and the glue dots should catch individual strands of fur for easy disposal. Remove the fur from the glove, dispose of the fur, and rinse the glove to get it ready for use at any time!

Kid-proof your walls

Are your kids starting to show their creative side right on your newly-painted walls? Keep those walls clean by kid-proofing your walls for easy maintenance! You can do so by pinning a chalkboard on the wall at child-level to keep your little ones busy without the mess.

Alternatively, you can use a water-resistant protective coating on your walls so you can easily wipe off even the most permanent of markers, the grimest food fingerprints, and the most dusty of shoe scuff marks. You can purchase an applicable lacquer online, and apply the seal to your walls for an easy cleaning!

Use a vacuum cleaner on your ceiling

Most of us know to use the vacuum cleaner on the floor, but did you know that you can use the same for your ceiling? Easily get rid of cobwebs, ceiling dust, and debris by lifting up your vacuum cleaner to clean the ceiling. Use the nozzle attachment for narrow areas, and the floor attachment to clean your ceiling in a jiffy!

Wash high windows with magnets

Getting up on the high ladder to wash the windows is dangerous work. When the weather is too hot or rainy out, you can harm your health as well. Instead, use a magnetic window washer that you can purchase online, or make your own using some soft sponges, strong magnets, and some thick string.

Cut a hole to insert the magnets into your sponges. Make sure the magnets are strong enough to stick together even with the window panel between them. Tie a string on one end of each sponge, and secure with some hot glue. You can now use the sponge to clean both sides of your windows at the same time!

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