7 Ways to Enjoy Las Vegas Without Gambling

Regardless of whether for fun or to earn money, most Canadians enjoy online gambling.

Since online gambling is legal in Canada, more players are ecstatic to play at any spot. May it be in brick-and-mortar casinos or at the best online roulette Canada.

For the most part, some gambling enthusiasts dream of flying to Vegas, the country known for high-class entertainment and casinos. Who would not love to, though? Gambling is an exciting venture in Las Vegas.

However, you should know that Vegas is a destination that exceeds your expectations. If you like visiting Las Vegas, there are several options for enjoying the city without gambling.

This article will walk you through the best ways to experience Las Vegas!

Visit the Red Rock Canyon

Since Las Vegas is known for bright lights, casinos, and evening entertainment, one way to enjoy Vegas away from the crowd is to visit Red Rock Canyon.

It is hassle-free to travel to this spot since it is less than 20 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Are you looking for fun activities? Well, you can ride bikes in the area, see the sights, and horseback ride while appreciating the view!

If you want an up-close personal view, you should try their SUV tour to make the most of the experience.

Go to Museums

To see museums is also a fun activity when you are in Las Vegas. Of course, it is not like sitting on a barcalounger and enjoying the site but there are many excellent and educational museums around the city that people of any age can enjoy.

There are art galleries that feature history, fine arts, and digital art.

Other than museums, some exhibits are very much fun to experience.

There are also exhibits of famous movie characters in some museums. So, if you are a fan of movie entertainment, then you really would love this experience.

Experience Adventure Games

There are many adventures people can experience in Las Vegas other than going to casinos to play.

One fun activity is to ride a roller coaster in the in-door theme park named “Adventuredome.” Along Las Vegas Blvd., you can have thrilling and fun experiences with trying other fun activities inside.

You can also try Lockdown Rooms, a famous escape room in Las Vegas. Bring your team or family with you and try to solve mystery puzzles!

Visit Water Parks

If you want a first-hand experience of what it’s like swimming under the sun in Las Vegas, then you should know that Vegas has the best water parks you can visit!

If you are visiting during the summer season, going on a swim might be of your options. Say no more because Wet n’ Wild in Las Vegas is one of the largest water parks in the city.

Other than giant slides that are fun to try, Wet n’ wild also offers attractions you can experience, such as Splash Island and Desert Racers.

Go Shopping

Las Vegas is a paradise to shopaholics. This place is filled with designer outlets that will surely fulfill anyone’s desire. Besides the variety of high-end stores, malls in Vegas have a lot to offer in sightseeing and entertainment.

You can visit the Grand Canal Shoppe if you’re looking for shopping and a great atmosphere. It has an indoor canal that makes it perfect for people to have a Venice-inspired experience.

Watch Shows

Entertainment of the finest variety is a hallmark of Sin City. So, choosing to watch shows will never disappoint.

Casinos and other excellent places regularly host these shows. If you want to have a great evening out, concerts and shows are a perfect option.

You can book your ticket and check out the schedule if you wish to experience them.

Experience Food on the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is a place full of restaurants you can try out.

One of the best is Hell’s Kitchen, a restaurant owned by Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay. Not only is it famous because of Gordon but their dishes are a must-try! One famous dish is their Beef Wellington.

Mizumi, a Japanese Restaurant, is just around the corner. This top-rated restaurant offers a variety of food and drinks.

Their Kobe Wagyu Beef is one of their specialties. Mizumi also offers beer and cocktails to pair with your meals.


We know that gambling in Las Vegas is fun, but there is more to being a casino city. It is a place of fun where the experiences are unmatched!

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