5 Ways to Make a Tiny Room Appear Bigger

Whether you have a huge country home or a small apartment in the middle of a city, most of us are faced with the same problem – the dreaded small room! By no means is this one of the world’s worst problems, but it is still problematic.

For years, have you been wondering what to do with a small space? Have you been struggling with a tiny lounge for too long? Or is your home office so cramped you can hardly pull your chair out without hitting the wall?

If you are suffering with these small room problems, worry no more! In this article, find out 5 small room ideas to make any space look bigger. From choosing smaller sized furniture, opting for neutral, light colors and even creating a focal point with a 3D wall mural, you will find the answers here. It’s time to say goodbye to clutter and claustrophobia and say hello to open, organized spaces!

1.  Stick to neutral and light décor

Although one of the easiest ways to make a space look bigger is having a good spring clean, the other obvious answer is choosing neutral and light décor. Paint the walls in an off-white, pastel grey or a very light coffee-brown shade. These tones will create the illusion of more light and brighten up the room. If you are really aiming to declutter a small space, choose white as white is said to declutter the mind as well as your room.

When it comes to furniture, choose lighter-toned natural wood and white options. Not only providing a blank canvas to a space, but these pieces will almost merge into the walls rather than take over the room. For instance, if you are looking for small lounge ideas, you wouldn’t choose a large black coffee table. A large, dark item such as this would be intimidating and dominate the space entirely.

When it comes to the floor, avoid dark colors at all costs. A smoky grey or navy carpet or dark wood panel flooring will only cramp up the space. Instead, opt for light tones. This doesn’t have to mean cream, especially if you have children or muddy pawed pets! Nutty pale brown or pale grey flooring would also be great when it comes to light flooring.

In summary, to achieve neutral and light décor, you need to:

·         Paint the walls in a light shade

·         Choose light natural wood or white furniture

·         Install pale colored flooring

2.  Enhance the room with artwork

Of course, choosing a light wall paint color will open up a small room. But nothing is more transformative than stunning artwork. Wallsauce.com offer a wide range of custom-made wallpaper murals! From funky abstract patterns that leap out from the wall and rustic wine cellars to tropical jungles and 3D effect geometric patterns! There are so many mind-blowing designs that can make any space feel bigger.

All you have to do is place your art on the biggest wall in the room and avoid placing too much furniture in front of it. By doing this, you will always draw the eye to your gorgeous art! Not only space-enhancing, but it will also bring your interior to life! Choose a design with colors that will suit the current look of the room for added impact. For instance, in a blue and white bedroom, choose a blue sky design. In a trendy mustard-yellow lounge, choose a yellow toned fall forest scene.

In summary, to use wall art to its full potential you must:

·         Place it on the biggest wall in the room

·         Avoid putting too much furniture in front of it

·         Choose a complementary color to suit the room’s current color scheme

3. Choose the right-sized rug

When choosing a rug, one of the biggest mistakes we make is getting one that isn’t the right size for the room. When thinking about small room ideas, choosing a smaller rug would seem like the obvious answer. But this is a big no-no. Did you know that you need to do the opposite? Whether you want to know how to maximize a small bedroom or have a small lounge, it’s important to choose a rug that is larger in size. Focus on size rather than finding the perfect color or pattern.

For instance, if installed in a lounge, the rug needs to be able to fit under the couch and coffee table, and still be seen around the edges of both. By doing so, you will create “a room within a room” which will really make the room appear larger. In a dining room, the rug has to be bigger than your table and chairs so that it acts as a frame around it. And in a bedroom, it is the same. Make sure the rug is placed under the bed and is visible from all sides. You will be surprised at the difference the right-sized rug will make!

In summary, the right-sized rug has to:

·         Be big rather than small

·         Frame the bed, dining set, couch, etc.

·         Not be so small that it looks like a bathmat!

4.  Choose smaller furniture when it comes to small room ideas

Although it is so important to go big rather than small when choosing a rug, it’s the opposite when choosing furniture. If you want effective small room ideas, you need to choose smaller sized furniture from cindy crawford. This doesn’t mean dollhouse-sized items of course. It’s all about being sensible.

For example, you can’t have a huge L-shaped desk in a small office. Instead, choose one that is narrow so that it doesn’t step into the room too much. Or even better, choose a fold-away desk that can be lifted against the wall when not in use. If your living room is tiny, choose a two-seater sofa instead of a three-seater. By doing this, you may even have room to fit a small armchair in as well. By doing this, you will create the illusion that you have space galore: not only do you have the room for a sofa but a chair as well! Having said this, it is also important to be realistic and only choose what you need. Don’t over clutter the space.

In summary, when choosing smaller furniture:

·         Consider the size of your small room and be realistic. What furniture will fit?

·         Get your tape measure out and carefully look at the sizes of items before buying them

·         Be minimal. Only have furniture you need

5.  Bring in nature with houseplants

As well as great for purifying the air, houseplants are another must when thinking about small room ideas. And sometimes it is the species and style of the plant that can make all the difference.

At all costs, avoid oversized plants such as monsteras (aka Swiss cheese plants). These will completely take over a room and will be touching the ceiling in no time! Instead, choose trailing indoor plants that hang beautifully from window sills, shelving or from macramé potholders. They take up no floor space which helps to keep a small room feeling bigger! Not only this, but they will create the illusion of a high ceiling when hung high. To do this, install a high shelf near to the ceiling or hang leafy green plants from there such as strings of pearls, chain of hearts and goldfish plants. Trailing down from the ceiling will draw the eye upwards and make you think that you have a much higher ceiling than you actually have!

In summary, to use houseplants to make a room bigger, you need to:

·         Hang them from the ceiling or high on the wall

·         Choose trailing plant types

·         Avoid large potted plants

In conclusion

After having read these 5 tips on small room ideas, do you feel ready to make your room appear bigger? Will you incorporate trailing plants into the room, think more carefully about rug sizes or even go for a cool 3D wallpaper mural? Whichever tip you choose to follow, always think less is more in a small space and only have what you need. And personally, I would recommend decluttering the room as well before thinking about décor. It will put you in good stead for making your small room bigger.

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