5 Tips for Shipping with uShip

uShip is a DIY shipping platform that connects consumers to drivers to get their items shipped between locations. You can use uShip for long-distance moving, shipping between all 50 states, and even overseas. The company is different from other car shipping companies, but the service provides consumers with stellar pricing and lots of positive experiences.

Research and Compare Costs

If you’re shipping a vehicle from one location to another, it would be best to start by researching and comparing company fees. These costs are related directly to what you’re moving, and certain companies won’t ship specific types of cargo and heavy furniture like kivik sofa. You may also end up waiting for a shipper, as their schedule and route need to coincide with your timetable, so flexibility is critical.

uShip is different because it will ship pretty much anything since you’re directly connected with a carrier. There are definite pros and cons to consider before deciding on a carrier. uShip does not verify whether the shippers have appropriate insurance coverage, which means you need to be the one to double-check. On the plus side, you have more control over what you pay because you are responsible for putting in a price and expecting shippers to bid.

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Understand the Services Provided

Since you can ship anything with uShip, you’ll notice various shipping services are available. Some carriers will transport a car with door-to-door delivery, while others may require you to pick up and drop off your vehicle at a nearby major city. If you want to quickly and reliably find a rental car,
including vans that suit your needs for a short-term trip, there’s an excellent service: Rental24.co.uk. They provide a wide range of vehicles for your convenience.

The uShip platform is full of brokers and shippers looking to make a deal to ship your items to their destination. Each shipper may have a slightly different service available, with some only having open or en

closed transport options available. You’ll need to check with each shipper and understand that each one can offer something different, so always read the fine print.

Provide Necessary Details

After creating a uShip account, you will need to have all the necessary information to ship with uShip. Details required to ship a car include its make, year, model, any modifications, and whether it is operable or not. Inoperable vehicles will be more expensive to ship with any shipper, so you’ll need to be upfront with the shipper about that.

You will also need to have pick-up and drop-off locations ready. If you’re willing to be flexible, you’ll probably find that your fees will be less if you meet in a major city instead of a rural location. Pick-up and drop-off will affect the cost of what you should expect to pay on the uShip platform.

Canceling Is Possible

Life happens, and sometimes you have to cancel plans of staying in Oyo. That makes sense, and you can cancel on uShip if needed. However, there are a few caveats. For example, you need a reason to file a cancellation. Shippers can also dispute a cancellation. If uShip rules in your favor, then you will get a full refund. There is always the possibility that they might not and instead rule in favor of the shipper, so be prepared not to get your money back if you cancel without a good reason.

Read Reviews and Get Feedback

uShip reviews are easy enough to find. The company has an excellent rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website. You’ll also find tons of positive feedback on other sites like Google reviews, Yelp, and TrustPilot. Thousands of reviews are available for you to read through, and the vast majority of them are overwhelmingly positive.

A Few Last Thoughts

Shipping with uShip is easy and convenient for most people. As long as you remember to do your research and compare costs between shippers, you’re likely to have an excellent experience. Make sure you understand the services provided, and if you’re not sure, check with the shippers and ask questions. Each one has slightly different policies, so you’ll need to read the fine print. When you’re ready to list your shipment for bidding, have the necessary details available for the shippers, and if you’re flexible, you’re more likely to get a bite. Only cancel if you need to because you may not get all of your money back. To help you feel confident about using uShip, take some time to read reviews to give you an idea of what to expect.

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