5 Must-Know Kitchen Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Renovating your kitchen would always be a great idea. Apart from giving it a brand-new look, you can also increase your market value, making it an excellent option for you if you’re planning to sell your property soon.

As you plan to renovate your kitchen, you might want to consider looking for ideas and inspirations online that you might think would work best for your household. While some might look great on photos, seeing them in person could have a different impact. With that, you should consider looking at kitchen showrooms in Melbourne or whichever city you’re in. Apart from seeing actual kitchen designs, it’d also be a great time to do some kitchen shopping to complete the look.

Moreover, listed below are the must-know kitchen renovation ideas on a budget:

1. Repaint The Cabinets

One way you can refresh the look of your kitchen is by repainting the walls into something more modern and sophisticated. This would be a budget-friendly renovation as you only need to repaint them instead of replacing the entire material. You can even choose to do it yourself to save on expenses and professional fees. However, you need to ensure that you repaint your cabinets well to allow them to be long-lasting.

As you choose to repaint your cabinets, you can play with any other color of your choice. However, if you like your kitchen to look modern, you should consider going for white, black, and navy blue. You can just play around with the handles and knobs to give it a brand-new refreshing look.

2. Update Your Backsplash

If your kitchen still uses your kitchen walls as your backsplash, you should consider updating its look by installing tiles on it. This will help improve the area’s appearance and have an easier clean-up in case of any food spills.

Updating your backsplash is a cheap way to improve the appearance of your kitchen. In most cases, the minimum height for a backsplash is only four inches tall, making you save on huge fees. You can either go for marble, chevron style, subway, or micro tiles to complete the look. Just ensure that you go with colors that’ll match the kitchen and use easy-to-clean materials.

3. Change The Lighting Fixtures

Black and white subway tiled kitchen with numerous plants and framed taxidermy insect art

A bright kitchen would always be an enticing room to be in. This will allow you to cook your meals perfectly as you can see every detail you put on your dish. It’ll be difficult to have a poorly lit room and cook with a color-sensitive dish, not allowing yourself to have a desirable result.

Ideally, you should update your kitchen’s lighting into something brighter and airier. You should consider adding pendant drop lights for your kitchen island to give the room depth and character. Additionally, you could also add undercabinet lighting that’ll help emphasize the beauty of your backsplash, along with making the room more dramatic.

4. Swap The Sink

For your kitchen sink, you might still be using a stainless-steel finish. While there’s nothing wrong with having that as they’re extremely durable and work well with any design, you should consider updating them into a modern look.

Apart from using stainless steel, you should consider updating your kitchen with a matte black, copper, or rose gold finish. Not only would they be able to give your kitchen an instant lift, but they’ll also allow the area to be one of a kind, especially that not every household uses a different sink finish.

As you change your kitchen sink, ensure that you know the proper maintenance it comes with to allow its appearance to last long and provide quality water. While it might be an added work, it can let your kitchen have a great renovation on a budget.

5. Add A Serving Hatch

If your kitchen connects easily to your dining room, you should consider building a serving hatch wherein you can easily serve your food without having to move from one room to another. Apart from allowing you to save time, it can also improve the appearance of your home by making it look more spacious and expansive.

As you add a serving hatch, try to include bar stools on the dining area, improvising a small kitchen island or breakfast nook for your family. For proper and balance flow, you should only consider adding two bar stools to prevent overcrowding. To add emphasis and beauty, adding a drop pendant light would be a great idea. Just ensure you implement a proper height to keep the food from touching the light and blinding the people, affecting their food experience.


Renovating your kitchen can be expensive. However, you can allow your renovation project to stay within your budget with proper planning and design. In this way, you can update the appearance of the room without having to burn your pockets. Just ensure you allow the final look to look fluidly with each other to let the finished look flawless and sophisticated and if you think others should get the same just participate in our ‘write for us’ submissions.

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