5 Cool Things You Can Do With Smart Home Automation

Is having a smart home just a trend? No, not really.

Having a smart home means convenience, energy efficiency, comfort, and security at the tip of your fingers. Running a household can be challenging, especially if you’re managing the different needs of your kids, your pets, and sometimes your elderly parents, all while staying on top of work.

Nobody has all the time in the world to fit everything in 24 hours. You can either hire someone or several people to do things to maintain your home, which can be expensive, or have your place set up by electricians or electrical service providers.
Before you go ahead and contact electrical service providers like home automation Sydney and others, you may want to do an audit on what you need or want to have in your smart home.
Here are five cool things you can do with smart home automation:

1. Clean While You Rest

Imagine going to bed without having to worry about vacuuming or wiping your floors. This kind of technology eliminates time-sucking chores such as keeping your floors clean without the danger of hurting your pets. Some robot vacuums even have scheduling functions and self-emptying cabinets features, which means you don’t have to power this equipment to do its job manually, and you won’t need to clean it every after use. Enjoy sleeping in while your robot vacuum does your chores.

2. Increase Security Of Your Home

Conveniently lock your doors or grant people like your pet sitter access to your home remotely by using smart locks. These smart locks give you real-time control on who to let inside using a mobile app. If you’re the type to forget your keys all the time, then having a smart lock may just be the best solution instead of hiding your keys under rugs or flowerpots.

Scare away potential burglars from the vicinity of your property even if you’re out at work. Smart security systems that are interconnected to each other can increase the safety and security of your home and your loved ones in the event that they’re not aware of any possible security breaches. Some security systems even have intercom features so you can talk in real-time with anyone near or inside your home to deter any incident.

3. Adjust Lights

The most impactful place to automate is your lighting. Controlling your lights with your voice based on a door opening or closing is one of the most convenient things you can do with a smart home. Throw in a smart bulb, and you create more options in setting the ambiance inside your house.

You can program your lighting system to change color depending on how you want to feel or have these lights switch on or off depending on the opening or closing of a particular door. If you’re worried about disposing of that lovely lamp your mom gave you, a few smart plugs can bring this light fixture here in the 21st century.

4. Switch The Heat On Or Off

Young woman controlling home with a digital touch screen panel installed on the wall in the living room. Concept of a smart home and mobile application for managing smart devices at home

Another cool thing you can do with intelligent home automation is to control your thermostat with an app. Thermostat control is another incredible thing you can automate, so you don’t waste thousands of dollars in regulating the temperature inside the house. Some thermostats even have sensors that can detect if there are people in the room or not, then adjust the temperature accordingly. With this, you can conserve a lot of energy with or without laminate flooring.

5. Order Supplies

If you’re the designated shopper who goes on supply runs every week, you’d love this innovative home feature. Connecting a smart speaker to your smart refrigerator can help you identify what kitchen staple is running low. You can even program this type of system to order these supplies for you automatically. Gone are the days when you need to run out and abruptly cut whatever you’re doing to buy a stick of butter or a frequently used condiment like mustard. Now, you don’t need to leave to purchase pantry supplies.

Home automation isn’t just about installing every smart hub, plug, or device you can find. It’s all about knowing which part of your life will improve using this automation. Utilize these to your advantage.


The best form of intelligent home automation doesn’t require all its users to be tech-savvy. These smart gadgets need to be easily and conveniently integrated into a user’s lifestyle so one can fully appreciate how these smart objects can improve the quality of life. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

Victor Turner

Victor Turner is an electrical engineer with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from MIT. Specializing in smart home technology, his 15 years in the tech industry offer a deep understanding of the latest trends and innovations. His writing focuses on making technology accessible and beneficial for everyday living. His hobbies include robotics and participating in tech expos. Sometimes, he enjoys tinkering with gadgets and is a volunteer mentor in coding workshops.

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