4 Ideas to Create Aesthetic Focal Points Throughout Your Home

In practically every area of the creative world, there is so much more work behind the scenes with layering and context to bring an artistic project to fruition with an effortless and seemingly simple final image.

Interior designers work incredibly hard to make each room they work on as inviting and dynamic, not to mention fashion-forward, as possible with the design and décor they choose. Creating a focal point is an important element of that.

With that said, here are four key ideas to create an aesthetic focal point throughout your home, regardless of the size of the room or the function of the space.

Bright & Airy Lighting

First and foremost, even with the most spectacular placement of an unusual and eye-catching piece of artwork, your efforts will have entirely gone to waste if you fail to maximize the natural light.

Ambiance and atmosphere are important aspects of redecorating, and as such, even if the particular room that you are concentrating on either has small windows or even no windows at all, there are ways of creating light:

  • Removing any coverings from skylights or small windows
  • Adding mirrors to help reflect what light there is in the room
  • Painting the ceilings in a bright white
  • Using lighter colors of paint on the wall
  • A lighter shade of carpet

Draw Attention to Your Unique Collections

Perhaps you are somewhat of a wanderluster at heart and, therefore, boast an impressive array of souvenirs and unique objects from around the world. Alternatively, maybe you love absolutely anything to do with Wedgwood China and have entire collections safely stored in your kitchen cabinets.

Whatever your preference and whichever area of merchandise you’ve chosen to collect over the years, make one or more of these unique and personalized objects become the focal point of the room.

A Statement Rug

Floor rugs are not only a highly functional addition to any room but can also make a huge difference in terms of where the eye is naturally drawn toward when you enter it.

From ornate and detailed embroidered 3×5 rugs to considerably more ostentatious and oversized designs, rugs can not only become the focal point for a room while on the floor but can also become a unique item of wall art.

Strong Pieces of Furniture

The fourth and final way to create a focal point in any room, but especially in the master bedroom or office, is instead of making an area on the wall the star, choosing to “dress up” one or more items of furniture instead.

For example, if you only manage to draw the blanket back over the pillows every morning, and this constitutes your bed being made, then treat yourself to some bright, bold, and fashionable cushions and throws to present your bed as the centerpiece.

You could even turn to the trending practice of upcycling, which would be both a sustainable and enjoyable way of turning your headboard into a showpiece.

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