4 Best games full of excitement

There is so much that you can do online. From shopping and reading the news to finding out new information and doing work, it does provide the world with so much. Games are no exception to this, and some of the best games that have come out over the past decade have, in fact, been online.

The reason online games are so popular is due to them being so accessible. You don’t need a big console or TV to play, as most devices that have access to the internet will let you access the online games that you love. If you are new to the world of online games, here are just a few that are full of excitement.

This list is full of small games that can be found online and shouldn’t be confused with the other type of games people think of in terms of online gaming.

1. Wordle

If you haven’t heard of Wordle, you’re certainly in the minority. The word-based game came out a years before but rose to popularity in 2022. The main objective is to guess the word by typing in letters. When you have the right letter, it will flash up as orange, and if that letter is also in the right place, it will be green.

Players only have a number of tries to get the word before they run out of attempts. After being purchased by the New York Times, Wordle has only grown in popularity even more. This game is an easy one to play, can be accessed from most devices, and gets your brain working. Few things are more exciting in the world of online games than getting a difficult word on Wordle.

2. Slots

On the other end of this, if you’re looking for a game full of excitement but doesn’t take too much thought and energy, slots might be for you. Most people are familiar with slots in the real world, but they can also be found online now.

These virtual slots allow casino-game lovers to take their favorite game with them no matter where they are. Slots can be such an exciting game as, unlike others, each go is super short. This means that you get the usual effort-risk-reward that people look for in games but in quick succession.

Just taking a look at the games detailed on this website, will show you a variety of choices when it comes to slots. There is something for everyone.

3. Minesweeper

Few games that you can play on your devices are as old as Minesweeper. Originally thought up in the 70s, this game is what many people over a certain age think of when their mind goes to the topic of gaming online.

This game can now be played in a number of places online, including your very own Google search engine page. Players must click on the safe spots without clicking on a mine, and each spot will tell you how many mines it is next to, giving you a clue of which not to click.

This game is all about risk and making it to the end of the game, so it certainly belongs on this list of exciting games. As a classic and one of the original online games, it’s definitely worth a mention.

4. Any IO game

So much of your time spent online is probably relaxed, from scrolling through your favorite blog to seeing what your top online shops have to offer, especially if you’re heading to college. Playing an io game is not one of these times.

These games come in all different types, from ones where you play as a snake to others where you play as a paintbrush, but they all have a similar goal. Players must compete with others online as their ‘character’ grows and absorbs others. The bigger you get, the stronger you get, but you’ll also be more of a target.

This game, compared to many other online games, is very fast-paced and requires a lot of concentration. As you get better and last longer in each game, the excitement only increases.

These types of games are only growing and becoming more popular. You can even play many of them through apps on your devices.

Online games are a popular pastime for many. Whether it’s during a break at work or just before you check your morning emails, these games have so much to offer and can be full of excitement.

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