3 Tips to Reorganize Your Dorm Room Without Breaking the Rules

Breaking the rules is great fun unless these regulations concern your dorm. Nobody wants to get into trouble with accommodation for hammering a nail. Yet, we all want to change something in our living space from time to time. So how can one find a compromise between the strict dorm rules and self-expression?

Our room reflects our personality. For instance, colorful curtains and unusual paintings can be a sign of a creative student. Someone who does not care lives in a cluttered room. A perfectly clean and organized space probably belongs to a diligent scholar.

Do we agree with these assumptions? Both yes and no. They are quite logical and make sense. But it is also possible that a person from a cluttered room spends all their time studying and cramming. They do not realize that a professional research paper writing service can help them free some time for reorganizing their room. This is a diligent student’s secret to success.

So, we have figured out how you can find time to improve your dorm room. Our next step is checking the ideas for doing that without violating the rules.

Minimize Your Furniture

It may seem like an odd recommendation for a tiny dorm room. But believe us: with the right furniture, it can look spacious and large. On the contrary, lots of unnecessary items make it look crowded.

What is the biggest mistake that owners of small rooms make? They put a lot of small pictures on the walls and stuff their rooms with armchairs, sofas, and tables. What do you need as a student? A desk for your college assignments, like essay editing, is a must. Then you also need a comfortable bed to restore your energy. These are two big items of furniture that cover the student’s main activities – studying and relaxing.

It does not mean that you should live out of a suitcase because you do not even have a wardrobe. You can put your jeans and pullovers into nice organizers and store them under your bed. Just imagine how much space you have there! You can also pack some books or other belongings that you do not use every day into boxes. And these boxes can join the organizers under your mattress.

This is just one example of how you can make use of the space under one big item of furniture. Let us talk about the vertical space above your desk. Depending on how strict your dorm rules are, you can either hang some bookshelves above your studying table or put vertical organizers on its surface. By the way, if you push your and your roommate’s desks together, it will give you some extra space.

Of course, pictures on the walls are not furniture. But in a way, you should see them as such. Have one or two paintings or posters, no more. Make sure that you do not make any holes to hang them. If you are a lucky owner of a car, here is a great tip for you. Put one picture on your wall and store the second one in your trunk. When you get bored with looking at the sunrise, replace it with the snowy mountains.

Create Comfort

Scandinavian people are experts in hygge, which means the mood of coziness. One of the ways of achieving this feeling of contentment is through candles. And yes, we all know that fire hazards are forbidden in college dorms. But let us work with what we have,

People use aroma candles for two main reasons: pleasant light and nice smell. String lights are a great alternative to candles when it comes to the first aspect. They create cozy islands of light. You can just hang them over your desk or put them in a transparent vase.

Obviously, string lights do not have a nice aroma. But you can use some aroma diffusers that are perfectly safe. Choose the smell purposefully. For instance, citrus aromas give us more energy. So you can put a lemon diffuser on your desk to help you concentrate. Lavender is relaxing, so it is better to place this diffuser next to your bed. Make sure you do it right; otherwise, you risk falling asleep at your desk or spending the whole night awake in your bed!

Another thing that makes your living space more cheerful is plants. As a student, you may not be so keen on this idea because they need care and attention. Succulents are a great solution for two reasons. Taking care of them is not time-consuming; they know how to survive. And college dorms have nothing against cactuses, jade plants, or aloe vera.

Be “Greedy” With Your Space

If you find it difficult to minimize your furniture altogether, we have a perfect solution for you. When you want to buy something for your dorm, make sure that it either gives you some extra space or at least does not steal from the existing room.

A good example of the first criterion is an ottoman with storage. It is a place to sit on, but you can also utilize the space inside. Over-the-door shoe organizer does not really give you extra space, but it does not steal any either! A further example is a camp chair. You do not need to have it in the middle of your room. Put it under your bed and use it only when you need an extra seat.

Final words

Living in a college dorm has its restrictions which can be seen as a disadvantage. On the other hand, it is a great challenge for our brains. As we still can achieve the desired effect of comfort and coziness. It is just a question of how we can do this and not break the existing rules.

By following the tips in this article, you will notice how organized and nice your living space becomes. And who knows, perhaps this will help you to become a better student as well.


Jack Palmer

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