3 Tips for Improving the Security of Your Home

Our home should be a safe space where we feel secure and comfortable. However, homes can often be the target of thieves and criminals, given the high likelihood of valuable items being present.

A break in or burglary can be incredibly traumatic and can leave you feeling stressed and unsafe in your own home. To prevent this from happening, home security should be your number one priority. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Check out these three top tips for improving the security of your home.

Securely Store Spare Keys

There’s nothing more annoying than getting locked out. Many people opt to leave their spare keys under the mat or hidden somewhere near the door. This is a bad idea. Criminals are well aware of this habit and will routinely search the immediate area around a door to look for spare keys.

If you want to have a backup plan in case you manage to lock yourself out, there is a safer way to go about it. First, get your keys copied by a reputable locksmith. Then, give them to a trusted friend to keep for you, this could be a family member or even a neighbor. This way, you’ll know your keys are safe and that you can access them should you need them.

Install an Alarm System

This might seem like an obvious step. In reality, a surprisingly large majority of homes in the US don’t have an alarm system, with just 17% reporting to have one installed as of 2017. A burglar alarm system will alert you, your neighbors, and the authorities should it detect an intruder in your home. Just the sight of an alarm system can discourage a potential burglar from even targeting your home in the first place, so it’s definitely worth your while to have one installed.


The use of CCTV systems on domestic properties has increased in popularity in recent years. With the integration of smart technology, people can now have CCTV feeds broadcasted directly to their mobile or tablet devices, giving them a real-time view of what is happening at their home from wherever they may be.

If your home were to be burgled the CCTV footage could be used to track the thieves and retrieve your lost possessions. What’s more, CCTV cameras have been reported to be the number one deterrent for burglars looking for houses to target.

When installing CCTV, think about the placement of the cameras. You’ll want a view of all doors to your property, as well as ground floor windows that could be used by thieves to gain access to your home.


Unfortunately, home break ins are an all too regular occurrence. They can be extremely upsetting for victims, not only do they mean lost possessions and valuables, but they can leave people feeling vulnerable and at risk in a place where they should feel their safest. Use the tips we’ve outlined in this guide to improve the security of your home.

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