3 Questions About Decoration And Styles You Should Ask

We have no idea about this whether we should tell this to you or not but it is a fact that no designer follow any rule and principle book God has created his creature perfect! Like simply speaking we humans are by birth logical, responsive, romantic, tasteful and creative. We love to follow our dreams and imaginations and work hard to attain them as well. So, same thing is applicable in decoration and designing of your homes and rooms you don’t need to waste much of your time and money you just have to think a while have some creative taste and then have fun!

We have talked a lot with many designers and home decorators most of them say that they haven’t any proper degree or have no proper education of fine and arts most of them say that it was their passion to beautify things and elements so, they just started this work and adopted this as profession and now they are happy in their work. Many decorators claim that it is one of the profitable job and joyful work totally fun on other hand. They even say whenever they do any error in their planned work it ends in an awesome result!

Okay you are among those who want to have a retouch in your home like you have small space, old walls, no carpets or bad tone carpets old furniture no attraction at all! Why don’t you just read this article and get some amazing easy tips? Yeah this article is an awesome piece of reading you can enjoy! Just follow our amazing tips and have some fun!

  1. Picking up the color?color tips

The most essential thing the background! The color theme on your walls like what you are going to paint?

You must have to choose color that matches with your flooring like color match pink and red – pink and purple – blue and maroon… etc

  1. Furniture, Do you really need it?

We have seen many homes like over crowded with furniture pairs and pairs of beds, sofa sets and side tables like what you want to your home look alike a zoo seriously??

We always advice our clients and customers to just throw extra furniture out of your home always use light and less furniture inside your home this give your home an amazing and decent look!

  1. Carpets, curtains and rugs where are you going to place them?carpet curtain

We have observed people complaining about the placement of rugs and carpets people always remain confuse about the selection of nature and color of curtains we have here a very simple solution for you here always use curtains and rugs in contrast like if you have light rugs use dark curtains… like red curtains and pinkish rugs it would result in perfect match always consider the tone of walls and curtains before selection of your flooring!

So, above mentioned three elements are enough in changing the looks of your room!

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